We Let Them Go

Kevin Farran
2 min readJul 18, 2020

Why last moments shared with a great love are allowed to pass.

permission of Issey Nakajima-Farran

How soft their eyes, in their final moments, so similar to their first.

Wrapped in innocence, they search inside themselves with a naked thirst.

There is no malice, no plea, they stare with a spellbound, honeyed smile.

They ask not, are open, yet cast doubt on our efforts, our guilt they beguile.

They want no trauma, no pain-filled rants, or self-tortured justification,

They wave farewell and smile back with illuminated elation.

Their eyes glow warm at the love they see in our confused state,

If they could, our hearts they warmly would chide and berate.

For to leave in simple truth, with the tides of life washed and cleansed,

Is to release a tender soul, knowing all hearts have made amends.

To us, we must release their spirit, let it drift, floating, ethereal and high

It is no time to stain this honor, with the baseness of a tear-strewn cry.

In leaving, their hope grows like the sunrise in an ocean of bliss.

To hinder that journey, suffocate it, is a selfishness we must dismiss.

For the adventure has been their glory, replete with a love and whisper of what is true.

We must not grasp to hinder their dreams, but instead bid them adieu.

And when our spirits cross in a future time, there will be an inkling of a great love once shared.

That love will entwine us for eternity, so we let them go, and know we will forever be paired.

Thanks for reading.

For all who have let a love go in times long past and in more times recent, know that though the years grow distant, the memories and warmth stay strong.



Kevin Farran

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