Trump’s Playbook — Courage Deleted

Kevin Farran
3 min readOct 9, 2020

Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision. — W. Chuchill

Photo by T. Q. on Unsplash

Bumbling, snapping, a rabid dog he yaps into the night

Unable to direct, he points at ‘China Virus’, and screams in fright.

The delays mount as fast as the lies, he dithers, unable to lead

His ‘soul’ focus is unwavering, to serve his corporate greed.

This madness of the Trump administration has ravaged the country for an astounding length of time, 1356 days. It is a staggering number you think?

America fought in Europe for 1354 days, a trifling difference. Astonishingly the number of deaths is not so different.

Covid-19 numbers 210,000 and growing — Valiant soldiers of WW2 fighting in Europe 276,655 and resting.

Good souls in both figures. Figures of innocence, figures of belief and courage.

During the 1354 days America was in Europe fighting with the Allies, the news feeds echoed of heroism, and selfless commitment to the cause for democracy and a safer world.

During the war on COVID -19, the last 1356 days have heralded a constant sniping barrage of blame, shame, ‘China Virus,’ deflection and blatant lies.

Yet the election process rolls on.

It is interesting that as a growing Republican swing state, Texas, readies itself for voting, their hearts and votes will have to show the courage to make a bold decision.

Seventy-six years ago, in the horrors of WW2, those same bold decisions were made by cold, frightened men whose courage quelled the fear raging in their veins. It was there duty, ‘to save the Texans,’ there was no other question, the decision was made. The 442 Battalion, on Oct. 26 1944, was thrown before the German guns to save the two hundred plus brave Texans of the encircled, Lost Battalion #141.

Hitler had taken a passionate interest in protecting this one stand off. It became a turning point in the war’s moral fiber. He wanted victory in the mountains of Vosgnes, regardless of the cost.

Hitler reacted out of fear.

The 442 Japanese-American battalion, known as the Purple Heart Battalion, responded with courage and…

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