Standing in No Man´s land, a charred post views our heroes.

The post stood alone, brittle, bereft of kindness, a peering eye.

Between the trenches it watched as man´s hubris sputtered by.

Raging courage, to quell the fears, it saw men blindly race to the fore,

Soon to be slaughtered…

Ignore, pity, dismiss, berate, how do you truthfully respond to the less fortunate.

I passed her on the street, huddled in open despair
Quivering on an island of cardboard, to stay clear of the grime
She gazed past me, a phantom, as if I wasn’t there
Eyes, like caves of sorrow, gazed forward…

If Prometheus and Sisyphus were to somehow bear offspring would the newborn write for Medium?

Damnation, futility, laborious efforts, chastisement, perpetual effort, disillusion… it would be easier to have my body gnawed upon by ravenous beasts.

I like Greek mythology. I believe it offers a huge amount of creative stimulation…

Kevin Farran

Kamakura based writer, lover of Great Danes, vintage cars, good red wine, bonsai and the Bard

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