Standing in No Man´s land, a charred post views our heroes.

The post stood alone, brittle, bereft of kindness, a peering eye.

Between the trenches it watched as man´s hubris sputtered by.

Raging courage, to quell the fears, it saw men blindly race to the fore,

Soon to be slaughtered…

A rare beauty blankets watching arms as a temple sleeps

I feel your white sleep, it swallows me
Your cold breath enwraps me, suspended
Frigid and crisp

Limbs bend and ache, held in silence
Without voice you speak of wisdom
Cutting and soft

Without movement you doze ever watchful
Coiled tense…

Increasingly endemic, the unknowing masses fester among us

Its forms are many and vary like flowers in a summer field
Yet it carries no joy or harmony, only pain does it yield
Endless as the black of night, it flourishes in dark corners of despair
As numb as stubborn winter’s ice, it thrives…

Kevin Farran

Kamakura based writer, lover of Great Danes, vintage cars, good red wine, bonsai and the Bard

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